Working Papers

Discrimination, Migration, and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from World War I (with Price Fishback)
[NBER working paper no. 26936 here. Cato policy brief here.]

World War II and Black Economic Progress
[New version May 2020. CAGE Warwick working paper no. 387 here.]

Fatherless: The Long-Term Effects of Losing a Father in the U.S. Civil War (with Yannick Dupraz)
[New version October 2020.]

Wars, Taxation and Representation: Evidence from Five Centuries of German History (with Sascha O. Becker, Eric Melander, and Luigi Pascali)
[New version September 2020. CAGE Warwick working paper no. 395 here.]

Resource Blessing? Oil, Risk, and Religious Communities as Social Insurance in the U.S. South (with Patrick Testa)

Work in Progress

O Captain! My Captain! Leadership and Team Cohesion in the Union Army (with Christian Dippel)


ivmediate: Causal mediation analysis in instrumental variables regressions, 2020, Stata Journal, Vol. 20(3), pp. 613-626 (with Christian Dippel and Stephan Heblich)
[For data and code type “findit ivmediate” in Stata.]

Consequences of Forced Migration: A Survey of Recent Findings, 2019, Labour Economics, Vol. 59, pp. 1-16 (with Sascha O. Becker)
[Supplementary material available here.]

Voluntary Programs to Encourage Diffusion: The Case of the Combined Heat-and-Power Partnership, 2014, The Energy Journal, Vol. 35(1), pp. 161-173 (with Ian Lange)*

* Pre-Ph.D. publication