For early-stage PhD students
A few (unsolicited) hints on getting the most out of conferences, how to find them and how you decide which ones to go to. This was originally written for Warwick Ph.D. students in the more recent cohorts, but hopefully this will be useful for others too:

  • how to make the most of conferences
  • some travel tips
  • Amanda Agan has a fantastic collection of resources on her website related to writing and presenting your work, as well as advice for preparing referee reports. Check it out here.

    For PhD candidates on the job market
    Below is the Google map of the ASSA/AEA hotels listed on

    To access it on your mobile device, either open it directly in your device’s web browser using the link below:

    If you have a Google account, you can save the map in My Maps after which it will be available on your mobile devices. For this you need to be logged into your Google account on both the pc/laptop and your phone/tablet. Go to the Maps app, open the tab on the top left, select “Your Places”, and then navigate to “Maps”. There you can easily select the different hotels and get walking directions by tapping on the purple star icons.